Reality shifts focus on Future

I can’t believe how impatient I was when I was five, relentlessly counting each year before I officially get the suffix –teen on my age. I hate to use the world yesterday but it really feels like it was yesterday when I was wishing that I’d grow up faster so I can have the job I’ve been dreaming of and earn all the money that I can.

But I just finished junior year and I’m headed for a summer of OJT. And it shakes me inside. I can’t believe I’m preparing my resume, my portfolio and visualizing how it would be. Well, at first, it’s dreamy and exciting but as the thought lingers, the thought of getting old and being included in the “working class”. It suddenly pinches me in pain, to get me back to reality that sooner than I’d thought it will be, I’m going to be thrown in the real world.

The real world is scary and will be ruthless, I know. And more to that, the industry I plan to go in, oh my Elysian field, the advertising industry. Everybody knows advertising is doubly ruthless that others. My professor once told me, it doesn’t matter if you’re correct, what matters is that you’re not boring. People often hit things right, but they are boring. Advertising demands newness and uniqueness, basically the things they want to inject to sell products, services and even people.

Now I realize, the lens of my life now shifts to the once was blurred future. The future I’ve been picturing for years now is beside me. Not directly in front of me, but inches away from me, about to grab me and hit me. I’m ready for the bleeding and the bruises but I hope the real world won’t kill me.

People are usually bound by habits – that how we cope up with life. What if suddenly, you’re forced to break those habits, which have been your comfort zone for years? Part of me gets sentimental about this sudden change, makes me ask a lot of questions. Questions that may seem so shallow but when I think about it, at least, significant.

Won’t this change alter my relationships with my loved ones (my family, Alex and my friends)?
Will I still have time to do the things that make me happy, like this one (blogging), for example?
Will I still be the same person of will I change? Will I be better or will I be worse?

I just hope being thrown out in to the real world makes me grow up and get stronger, on a straight path.