A Tragic Night Out

An unfortunate night out it is. I decided to join my friends to a supposedly fun night out at Jaipur. I was very ecstatic because it seemed like my first time to go out at night and dance, and drink. My first attempt was a century ago, back in high school, when Eastwood was the “cool” place to be seen. I had fun because I have my friends with me, as well as Alex. But Jaipur wasn't fun at all. The smoke was all clogged in the tiny place - my got tears in my eyes. It's like the DJ's been chopping onions endlessly. The restrooms were claustrophobic and dirty with puke. But I think it's the usual thing that happens, but it's still icky. That's the point. I guess the only cool thing in Jaipur is to watch the break dancers - two of them are my friend's brothers.

But the worst thing that happened is Viva's phone and digicam got stolen. Whoever got it, I hope his d**k shrinks into a plankton.

Being trapped in an unfamiliar place may seem fun for many people but not for me. For a person like me who always searched for familiarity, for company and friends, I realized one thing - a night out is not my thing. Am I growing old faster than the others? I would desperately trade that night out at Jaipur for a cozy dinner at some restaurant, coffee and long talks with Czher, Viva, Alex, Isabelle... anyone.

I guess I'm too laid back for the “tugs-tugs” lifestyle.

Recovery from my month-long non-existence

Lucky me, I'm still alive.

OJT in TBWA is sure a whole lot of fun. Impromptu brainstorming for concepts, rush sketches of storyboards and print ads. And let me tell you, by far, my greatest achievement in my OJT adventures - enduring 8 long hours of working in a glacial environment. (My goodness, the aircon in the office is the coldest aircon ever.) And when I go out of the office doors, to eat lunch or to go home, I can feel my body actually adjusting its temperature. Anyhow, my first week was cooler than the aircon. Meeting my supervisor and the other creative directors is overwhelming, as well as actually conversing and exchanging ideas with art directors. It's so surreal how I am able to at least try to reach their level of brainpower! Everybody is so nice - from the creative directors to the visualizers and graphic designers. Although the accounts and production people are of different breed, but they are pretty much as nice as the creatives.

My OJT mates are charming but it's unavoidable that Yna and I stick to each other - pareho kaming FA eh!


Thanks to everyone who have their chucks and stuff painted by me! Designing and painting on your chucks was a pleasure for me. You did not only make me happy, you also helped me find another way of helping out my parents. Seeing you gasp in awe and happiness when you finally see the finished art is the better than winning a contest - it's my artistic orgasm. And seeing old clients wear my art - ay, eto na ang karurukan ng ligaya!

But it wasn't a perfect, heavenly experience. I've also met the customers from hell - the demanding and the impossible. *A post especially dedicated to them will be the next attraction.*


Alex's bum/surfer dude look needs an update. I think he's in need of more striped shirts, metro cardigans and a pair of shoes. I'm wondering what shoes to buy for him? Scratch of chucks because he's got two pairs of it already. Any ideas?