SUMI-sentenyal COSPLAY-Concert Event

SUMI-sentenyal: Bihisan ang Tugutugan
Cosplay-Concert Fund Raising Event

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Registration for COSPLAY starts at 10:00 AM. Program will start at 3:00 PM.
Featuring OTAKU BAND such as: Unfinished confessions, Harap sa Likod, Himitsuki Heiki, Wasted Sopas, 3-day Trial, Progeny and Neotaku.

Concert will start at 8:00 PM, featuring Moonstar88, ChicoSci, SinoSikat, Calla Lilly and lot more! FA Bands are also going to play!

Tickets are Php 120.00 (for the whole event na!)

1. SUMI-cosplay is open to all event attendees.
2. SUMI-cosplay will be a SOLO or GROUP OPEN CATEGORY event where participants could cosplay any character that they want from any genre whether it's from an anime, manga, games, comics, movies, western animation, etc.
3. Only the first 100 registered entries will be accepted into the contest. Registration will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis.
4. Event organizers are not obligated to accept entries beyond the total 100. The on-site/at-con registration will be on from 10:00am to 2:00 pm, Sept 15, 2007.
5. Cosplayers under eighteen (18) years of age as of cosplay event date must have their parent/s and/or legal guardian/s sign the waiver/image release form.
6. Fanservice (ie. yaoi, yuri, etc.) is allowed but should be “General Patronage”. Any kind of extreme kind of fanservice (ie. kissing, PDA, etc.) that is deemed inappropriate for minors are strictly prohibited. Keep in mind that the SUMI cosplay is a wholesome and a General Patronage competition.
7. Costumes that are too revealing (ie. exposes private parts) are prohibited. Scantly clad and/or sexy costumes are allowed but are not encouraged. SUMI cosplay team has the right to disqualify any participant on this ground.
8. All kinds of costume props must be handled with utmost care and must not be harmful to his/her fellow cosplayers, event staff and event attendees. Any kind of sharp and/or bladed objects that will be used as costume props must not have a cutting and/or piercing edge/point. These types of props are strictly prohibited. Any kind of pyrotechnic equipment/s that will be used as costume props that could render damage to the venue and/or property is also strictly prohibited.
9. The SUMI cosplay team, College of Fine Arts organizers and its staff will not be held responsible for damage or injury resulting from mishandling and/or negligence of a cosplayer in his/her use of props/materials throughout the duration of the event.
10. SUMI cosplay organizers reserve the right to disqualify a cosplayer’s entry in the event that he/she ignores and/or violates any of the aforementioned guidelines.
11. Registration and participation to the cosplay event constitutes that the cosplayer gives the right and the authority to SUMI cosplay team, the College of Fine Arts organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to take pictures and/or videos of registered cosplayers, cosplay groups and its members and will be the sole property of the organizers/staff, its sponsors and authorized press media to be used for future publications and/or advertising promotions.
12. SUMI cosplay winners may be required to answer questions and/or interviews for media purposes.

1. A cosplay group must consist of at least a minimum of four (4) and maximum of 12 members per group.
2. There will be any entry limit of ten (10) groups for the Group Cosplay. There is a deadline for the registration and anyone who registered before the deadline is included to the official list of Group Cosplay participants.
3. A member of a particular cosplay group can only join and/or part of only ONE COSPLAY GROUP and he/she will not allowed joining multiple cosplay group/s.
4. A member of a particular cosplay group is not qualified to join the Individual cosplay event.
5. Cosplay registration for the group cosplay will be on-site/at-con registration.
6. All cosplay groups are required to have a cosplay skit. Each cosplay group will be given a maximum of 8 minutes of stage time to do their skits.
7. All BGMs (background music) that will be used for the cosplay skit must be in audio format (.CDA) or in MP3 format and must be within the limit of their cosplay skit. Audio CDs must be properly labeled and submitted at the event itself upon registration. A cosplay group is required to have a sound director/representative who will assist the SUMI cosplay technical team in the usage of their CDs.

Craftsmanship / Accuracy: 25%
(How well the costume has been made, the level of difficulty involved in creating the costume, and the creativity employed in materials and construction techniques.)
Stage Performance: 30%
Audience Impact: 20%

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