We'll Try Harder

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I always loved asking that question. I think most of the people my age have already stopped thinking about it, or maybe, they didn’t even try thinking about it. Lately, most of us opt for what is there, rather than what we really want. And I can’t blame us (I want to include myself) because it’s really difficult to actually choose what you want, especially if it takes so much of one’s time, efforts, emotions, of one’s self. Often than not, it’s better to actually settle to what can satisfy what you need, rather than what you want.

But when I got to talk to a new friend, who’s nearing to be included in my list of the people I look up to, she reminded me of how it is to be passionate about something. She reminded me of actually knowing what I am passionate about, what I dream of doing and what will truly make me happy.

She reminded me of it because I think we kind of have the same passion – to be able to help. I know I sound so pretentious right now, but I really do. Sir Dan Matutina made me experience how it is to be inspired and pass on the inspiration to others. From then on, I knew what really makes me happy. I wanted to inspire others as well – not just to do what they do best, but inspire them to inspire others too!

Talking to my new friend seemed like the perfect dreamland for us I guess, dreaming of changing hearts and minds, dreaming of changing the nation. Yes, the nation – we actually talked about how we wanted the Filipinos to be more inspired to be Filipinos. Specifically, we dreamt of inspiring young Filipino artists and to actually change the Filipino inferiority complex.

Yes, we do have that. We always felt second best to anybody. Even I feel that way. But I think there’s a way to turn that mindset around. I think the inferiority complex would work on our advantage if we see it in a competitive angle. We should see it as status we should break away from.

And I remember a vintage Avis Taxi ad saying, “We’re number 2. That’s we try harder.”