Maintenance training to WUOC

This week I have been only running 30min per day. I have been doing a lot of strenght exercises and running technique. I am also doing an average of 25km of mountain bike every day. I want to be 100% recovered from my achilles tendon injury. I don't feel any pain, there is just a little fibrous scar in the muscle and I want it to disappear completely before I start training a bit harder again.

Next sunday I will fly to Tallin in Estonia to the 16th World University Orienteering Championship. After a long time trying to get support from universities and faculties, we could manage to participate in this competition. This achievement was thanks to Paulo Franco, my friend and athlete mate who took the lead and believed that we could go from the very beginning.

From Estonia I will fly directely to Barcelona were my family waits for me in holidays. I will stay at Barcelona's marina with a fantastic sea sidewalk to train everyday. I will spend there 15 days in which my train will basically consist in running (with some series), strenght training, running technique, inline skating and bike. I will do those things I don't have time to do during the year. I will also stretch a lot once this is a weak point of mine.

Due to some technical problems I won't be the guide of Jorge Pina at Beijing Paralympic Games so I will have all the September free to train technically which is now my weakest point.

Training camp at Canary Islands

Last week I was in Canary Islands, particularly in Tenerife island. I was in a training camp with the Portuguese Paralympic Team as a guide of a blind athlete in preparation to the Paralympic Games in Beijing next September where I will be the guide of the marathon athlete Jorge Pina (I will run half marathon).

In this training camp we ran at 2500m of altitude (where we could feel the accelerated breathing) and made a total of 25km in some days. I loved being there and was amazed with the story of some of those athletes. After the track trainings as guides, we, the guides, made some extra series where I pushed a bit more. Now I am preparing to the World University Orienteering Championships in Tartu - Estonia. You can check the news of the portuguese team at

This week I will only make 30min running per day in order to recover completely from the micro-rupture I have in my soleus muscle. Next week I hope to do some training with map, once I haven't runned with a map for 3 months because of the demanding exam season at med school.

Next season

This season was though! A meniscal lesion prevented me from training for 4 months. It was hard not training so much time and even harder staying at my couch watching my athlete friends competing half of the season. This January I came back. I was able to recover without surgery. I tried to catch my athlete friends but they were more in shape than me. After 7 months training I can say I have never been running like this before. I am really motivated and I won't rest this summer. With 20 years now, this is the ideal age to bet on running/orienteering. Next season I will try harder.

My roots

This is just a brief resume of my sport history.
I always loved sport. Started swimming with 3 years old and stopped with 15. I have been 4 years in swimming competitions, training 3 hours a day. I have played hockey, basketball and badminton in my childhood. With 10 years old I started orienteering at school with my teacher, Susana. I did 6 years of orienteering in school sport (with spaced o'events) with my coach from then, Paulo Mourão.
4 years ago I started to compete in the National Portuguese Cup. 3 years ago I went to Lisbon to study at Lisbon's Medical School.
In the end of my first season at university I met my actual coach, José Santos, who started to train me harder and push me to my boundaries.
My second season at university, coached by José Santos, was pauted by many sprains in my tibio-tarsic and intervaled periods of trainning.
In the beginning of my third university season, I have had a meniscal lesion that prevented me from training for 4 whole months. Now I am in the end of my 3rd year at Lisbon with a better training method and an evoluted know-how that I wish will put me ahead (preventing some errors of the past that resulted in injuries).

Girl Power

I learned about Feminism when I was in high school. That’s the first time I heard of the word “Patriarchy” and from then on, never forgotten about it. I realized that Feminism is NOT simply about sexual politics (Sexual Politics is rather one of the many ways of looking at Feminism. Kate Millet was its proponent.) or proving who’s the weaker or stronger sex.

Feminism is finding strength within each and every woman. Feminism is not just about women, it is also about men. It is about the society. Feminism is possessing a voice which you can use to express yourself. Feminism is power. And as Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Feminism is also a responsibility, of every girl, of every woman. It is a responsibility to ourselves, to others and to the society we live in.

Feminism, I believe, is a responsibility to dream of change and to actually do something to make it happen.

I know I sound cliché. But I wonder, if this is already a cliché, how come there are still so many girls, so many women, all over the world, trapped within patriarchy? Many of us still feel so limited, so helpless.

I stumbled upon this website – The Girl Effect. And somehow, it inspired me. It made me try to believe again in dreaming, planning and actually believing in change. (Oooh... and not to mention a very beautiful typographic video. Who says serious matters can't get cool?)

See for yourself The Girl Effect.

Edgar Silva

The theme and direction of my work is to paint in a naturalist manner the hard work, dreams and goals of the people around me: friends, family and Los Angeles Latin working class. I strive for honesty and sincerity in my work with an approach that reflects our time. I am focused on visually capturing moments that give life meaning, and I have been deeply influenced by artists such as Anders Zorn, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Edgar Degas, Frank Brangwyn, Joaquin Sorolla, John Asaro, John Singer Sargent, Jules Bastine Lepage, Nicolas Fechin, and Saturnino Herran.

I have had the good fortune to study on a full scholarship with numerous artists at Art Center College of Design. My teachers have included, Aaron Smith, Sergio Sanchez, Charles Hu, Kent Williams, Kevin Chen, Steve Huston, Ron Brown, Alex Shafer, and many others.

I am currently working on a body of work that depicts Los Angeles urban culture in a naturalist manner. I am also available for commissioned portraits.

Get Back to Where You Once Belong

Seeing this, made me discover something significant.

I've never seen you so...