Compass...for what?

Last weekend I went to a training camp in order to train to the National Middle and Sprint Champs that will be held in Santarem in 2 weeks. 7 trainings in 2 days: 2 middle distance, 4 city sprint courses and 1 rocky sprint course.

In the first middle distance (where we also did multi-techniques) I had some difficulty with the map (and I wasn't the only one). There were lots of elements that weren't represented in the map correctly. The map of the competition will probably be similar.

Sunday we did some sprint maps. I just leave here an option that arised some questions. What would you do (from 39 to 41)? Left or right?
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I did my first sprint at full speed (10'50, 1.6k (125m) 15c)in one of the best portuguese city maps.

In the afternoon we did a memory course at an easy speed. In other words, we did the course without map, training simplification. I just had an hesitation to the 7th, once the control was hidden in a corner of an house's door.

After that we did a chasing start in this map without compass. Tiago Aires started 5seconds after me but punched the 1st control before me. We had different combinations in both loops and it ended being a fantastic training. I felt more self-confident than ever. I realized that I do more compass orienteering than what I should do, resulting in deviations. Next races I'll rely more in reading the terrain than being concentrated in the direction of the compass.. It was an huge difference!

Once again, I'm really grateful to Bruno Nazário who organized the fantastic weekend's trainings and to Ori-Estarreja the host club.
Tomorrow I'll travel to Algarve in a Faculty's trip. I hope that I'll be able to train there properly.

I just leave here an interesting video that I found at the Internet. Is it possible to beat this Runner's Factory?

Training at Regional race...

Today I went to Sertã to a regional race in order to do some training with map.

4,9k (195m)18c, 29'02 - It was an easy map technically. I just had some hesitations to the 6th, in the valley with the greens. Me and some guys did the juniors course after, doing more 5k.

Physically, I'm feeling really well right now. Friday I did a long intervaled training under intense rain, with times that satisfied me and without suffering much. The track season is starting and I hope that I'll be able to do some PB's this year. In two weeks, there'll be the middle and sprint national O'Champs... We'll see...

Now is 10mila time, and today the plans for the evening are already made: listening to the 10mila radio and chat at WoO while working on a clinical history at the PC =)

Takes So Long

“I don’t know why, I don’t know why.
I don’t know why it takes so long.”*

I have not tried waiting, not after I stepped out of school. So it isn’t something I am really good at. When idle, my mind wanders in doubt, my heart grows restless in discontent. I know myself and I have always been impatient when it comes to achieving results. Especially when I think I’ve constantly strived for something promising.

But now, I am suspended in a gray limbo. With just semblances, never certainties.

“I see you now, I saw you then...”*

I’ve always wanted to be where I am now, career wise. School may have given me a sense of growth, but I just grew enough to be born. I am an infant in this industry. I’d like to believe I am still about to learn everything – how to think and speak the language. Now, I am a year-old baby. What I have done so far are just baby tricks and little mumbles.

So I would not be impatient with myself and with the industry. Another year or a couple of more years may pass me by, and I promise not to get tired of growing. I was sufficiently warned that it won’t be easy at all. For the last 21 years, life has proven to me that fairness is never on time, and is rather delayed. So I’d constantly feel it is unfair. I guess I’m ready for the things the industry might throw upon me.

With the industry and myself in it, I must be patient. Working hard will get me through the day, but brilliance and excellence will get me through the years. And because I want this with all my heart, I’d have to dig my way to greatness.

But with you, I think I’m close to giving up.

“I know you more, and different.
I can't contain it, still complain
Love's a weed, trust is rain.”*

It’s been a while since I decided to hold on to you, or at least the idea of having you. I’ve suited myself in my own discreet ways of showing how I feel for you (which I am uncertain what to call). And I know I can’t and shouldn’t expect anything from you. But don’t blame me if I can’t help but see hope in your haziness, sometimes.

Thank you for spending so much time with me – and I am getting to know you more and more. There are so many things I admire you for, but there are also details that I detest. Your kindness is staggering, your readiness to help is remarkable. But lately, each and every day the details get magnified and I slowly feel frustrated. I would like to share almost everything with you,
but your unreasonable acquiesce, your intolerable spontaneity and indecisiveness -- almost impossible to bear. Most especially when your confidence get buried under pressure and competition.

These things may not change what I feel for you. But my desire to make you feel it, it seems slowly ceasing. I cannot chase you forever. It feels to me that you left me hanging long enough for me to choose to let go.

It’s going to be very stupid of me to remain in your limbo, when I can see other bridges to cross. Bridges that might actually lead somewhere I am intended to be.

*Takes So Long by The Weepies

32'04 at 10k at Easter's GP

Today I went to Constância's Easter GP. A Total of 10k: 5k + a return of 5k after a 180º turn.

I started in the front but the pace was really really slow. We passed the 1st km at 3'20. Nobody wanted to take the lead alone through the adverse wind. The pace was slow in the first 5k and I was expecting that everybody would bet in the return, after the 180ºturn so I tried to be in a good place in the turn. And so was it... 500m after the turn there was only me and other 2 athletes. The 1st one went away gradually. I ended with the 2nd in a last km of 3'02. I was 3rd overall and won a nice crystal cup =)

The strategy was not the best. I'm better in maintaining a constant rythm since the beginning. Maybe if I went away in the 1st km I could have won but I didn't have the balls to do it. Maybe in a next time... In the end, 32'04 with the first 5k at that pace, wasn't bad at all... and it was a nice morning with all the orienteerers that went to the race too...

You may find the results (SEN M) here

Training camp with Alexander Shirinian

From 4th to 7th of April I was in the training camp of the portuguese team with Alexander Shirinian and Bruno Nazário.

We did lots of trainings like Anticipation, Downhill, multi-techniques, night-O, chasing starts... I really enjoyed being back to the O-life.. I post here the main sessions...

Multi-techniques (slow pace)- It's evident the gross deviation in the azimut part

4x downhill ~=1k with previous uphill fatigue ~=500m - surprinsingly I did it well without major mistakes. I always thought that I was better in longer distances.

Chasing start, 7,9k, 32c - I started 1st (the order was made from the downhill session) but I was soon caught by the others who started less than 30sec after. It was an emotive race, with some mistakes. I enjoyed it a lot!

I ended concluding that I need to develop my compass technique. I realized that in many occasions I am reading the terrain and then, when there are no elements to read I just go away from the route (like in the example below).I do many unecessary deviations (mainly in the night session).

During these days I observed that my O-technique got better during the camp. I just need to have more and more Map sessions... some work to the future...

After that I went to Serra da Estrela, the highest portuguese mountains and did there some nice running session, this one with 1h10 and 700m vertical climbing. However I've been a bit worried with my asthma that has prevented me from giving my maximum lately. It's always the same in the Spring with its pollens.