Sunlight and Our Youth

Seems like a still from 2046

My officemate, John Ed De Vera, found his old instamatic (MINOLTA HI-MATIC SD2) and experimented with it! And the photographs turned out amazing. Reminded me of Kaity Chua (who's now in London studying photography). It feels like we're back in the 90's - when we used to pair Dr. Marten's with dresses and make mixtapes.

Cay and Ryan: Original cropping
In the Sun
Paulina: The Most Adorable Girl in the World
Tricia: Her energy keeps the whole office alive.
Lau: The Master Prankster
Niño: The Real-life Funny/Jerk
Arnel and Pao: I wish you guys will stay with us na.
Ryan Rubillar: TBWA's very own Dan Michael

Tutorials Generation

People might say I'm a snob, but I really value formal education. I know art is a very intuitive process (even I didn't have a formal training in painting) but design, on the other hand, is more than just what seems to look "nice". Design is both a skill and a thought process. Half of the process occurs in the mind - it involves careful planning. And I believe that for "designer" to make an effective design, it's not enough to know how to use Adobe Photoshop of Adobe InDesign (or what have you). A "designer" needs to know the design theories - elements, principles, Gestalt. Design is a discipline, it's communication. You don't just simply but together typefaces, photographs or illustration. can give you tons of inspirations and tutorials, but without the formal education, you won't have the proper understanding of how it is done. And more than the how, I think the more important question in design is why. Why are you doing it? What for? Design is communication. I may sound overly analytical, but when you design, every point, every line, it must mean something or serve a function. (Refer to The Bauhaus School of Design - "Form and Function")

I am proud of my younger brother than he can play around Photoshop and amaze his high school classmates with a new typography or a new layout every time. But I wish he would search for a deeper learning on design, if he really is interested in it. Honestly, I got a little annoyed when he asked me this...

Brother: Ate, ano ang pixel size ng bond paper?
Cj: Hah? What do you mean?
Brother: Eh kasi ireresize ko yung design namin, sabi ng classmate ko, napipixelate kapag siya nagreresize.
Cj: Ano ba yung DPI mo ngayon?
Brother: 72 dpi
Cj: So anong problema? Hindi mo ba ginawang actual size?
Brother: Napipixelate daw.
Cj: Saan ba gagamitin? (Simplified form of What's the objective?)
Brother: Design sa t-shirt.
Cj: Err, if ipri-print, kailangan actual size, 300DPI. Kaya yan pixelated.
Brother: Pano na?
Cj: Ewan ko. Dinesign mo nang 72DPI eh. Sasabog yun talaga.
Now, see what I mean?

The Bastion of My Ideals

(via fyeahscottpilgrim)

It's funny how in college, I actually drew my ideal guy - geeky, lanky and a bass player. I drew a skinny guy with a nicely shaped nose, messy hair and a red Rickenbacker bass. Yes, I was that specific - a red Rickenbacker bass. I think I got influenced by my friend, Louie Poco. He's been the image of a perfect bassist to me until now - energetic but mysterious. (Naks, Louie, mysterious! Yan ang charm mo sa girlies eh!)

And look at this picture. It's perfect. It's Michael Cera with a red Rickenbacker bass.

The last days...

Finnaly I've finished the last exam season of my life. It was tough, with many 12h studying days (it was definitely a Long distance race) but it's done.

In the last days I've been feeling really distressed. I miss navigating with a map a lot (sigh)! Even if we supposedly are in the peak of the season of the new portuguese calendar there aren't any competitions and the big one's outside Portugal have already taken place.

I didn't stop running at all (I kept a 30min/day basis). Now I'm returning to the 1h again. It's a bit difficult to cope with all this hot days (42ºC!!) - last Sunday I almost died with a 5h MTB train with Nelson where I drank 4,5L of water! I've been doing a lot of strenght training and proprioception exercises. I've also been training with my lightweigth shoes. At the beginning, my calf muscles were always completely sore but now I've been enjoying it a lot.

Now, apart from studying german and working on my master thesis, I've been reading about my other interests (my book list that I've formed during the year). Some of them have really nice applications to Orienteering:
- Brain training for runners
- Mental training for peak performance
- The Runners Body
- Lance Amstrong - My journey back to life

Can't wait for start competing again. I haven't planned the next season properly yet but I hope that it'll be a legendary one. We'll see...

I Missed This

Lau, this is why you are dear to me.

I went to Lakihan Mo Logo Nights 6 last night to catch Ramon “Dragon” Bautista and RA Rivera. (Saw my friend Saab too! Yey, you are so cute.) Also to bond with my officemates and take a breather from a hectic (but fun) week. Direk Lyle was also there and said he didn’t get an artwork I’m supposed to email. But I emailed! (I always check Sent items before I go) Email stuff are probably jammed so I called up Lau (who’s still in the office) to ask a favor: email the file again to Direk and his crew.

And when I came back to the office, this was my desktop wallpaper.

Bastions of My Childhood

from Nikki Martinez's Tumblr

I must agree with Nikki that 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the movies that influenced my adolescent years. Even though it falls under the teen movie genre, this movie still strived to be different through its crisp screenplay, with witty and sarcastic humor. (Diablo Cody’s writing reminded me of this actually.) And most of all, it didn’t rely on its cast’s celebrity - Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Larissa Oleynik. They were all yet to be discovered screen gems when they did this movie.

I remember actually telling myself to emulate Kat Strathford (Julia Stile’s character) because she was smart, tough and witty. She was a hard to please feminist you cannot fuss around. And up to now, remnants of this adolescent plan is still evident in my personality.
This movie also has one of the most memorable soundtracks - it embodied the late 90’s confused pop culture. (It was the post-Reality Bites/Singles soundtrack!) And of course, how can you not forget Heath Ledger’s version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. (Which I actually pegged as the “dream” invitation to prom.)

And since then, I fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt - before 500 Days of Summer, before Inception. He was the ultimate invisible geek who’s actually charming and sweet. :-)


Poster design by Nolan Fabular


FEATURING: 6CycleMind • Callalilly • Tanya Markova • Not So Fast • Circa • Fly Trap • About Radio      WHEN: July 30, Friday      

WHERE: Sazi’s Bar (Formerly Mayrics, along Espana infont of UST)      

TIME: 8:30PM    


Rockevery 2 is a benefit show for Natasha Arevalo, sa UST CFAD alumna and is a close friend of my office mate, Nolan Fabular. Weeks ago, Nolan shared with us a sad news about his friend Tasha. Tasha's family suffered from a fire. Her brother is injured as well as her tita (from 3rd degree burn). And unfortunately, her lolo passed away. We saw how much Nolan wanted to help his friend and he came up with this idea: a benefit gig featuring some of the top local bands.

I am writing about this not only because Nolan is my friend, but also because in my own way, I wish to help Tasha. A reblog to spread this news and event would mean a lot. And if you can, go with me to this event. :-)

On a lighter note: I'm very excited to watch again Tanya Markova perform live. Their sets are hilarious and full of energy. ;-)

Lakihan Mo Logo Nights 6

Oo na John Ed, genius ka na!!! Hehe, punta na tayo guys! :)


Bakit naman may ganitong photograph si JGL?!

I feel my hormones mature right this very moment.

Art and Design

"Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end."
- Colin Wright

Just yesterday, I got interviewed by a high school student. He asked me why I chose to be in advertising and not just be a painter. I don’t want to betray the art that made my name ring a bell, but learning more about art and communication, I fell in love with the latter. I chose to be in advertising, an industry based primarily in communication, because more than being listened to, I want to be in a conversation. More than being remembered for I expressed, I want to be relevant because I knew who I was talking to. I remember Diesel’s “Be Stupid” Ad Campaign and one of their print ads said, “Smart critiques. Stupid creates.” This particular headline made me think, is criticism the real opposite of creation? Then I read this quote. Art may be creative, but design involves creation and criticism, then improvement and further criticism, then further development. I would want to do something that is not resistant to change.

First Trailer for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch

New Trailer for Sucker Punch by Zack Snyder

I'm excited for this! Watchmen and 300 were visual feasts. Thank God Emily Browning knows what films to accept. ;-)

Emily Brown as Baby Doll in Sucker Punch

(via em-browning)

I'm excited for this! Em Browing rocks my socks!

Reality Bites

"All right, fine. You wanna be in a band? Fine. Go ahead. Play every night. Play three times a night! Don’t just dick around the same coffee house for five years. Don’t dick around with her or with me. I mean, try at something for once in your life. Do something about it, but you know what? You better do it now, and you better do it fast, because the world doesn’t owe you any favors." - Laleina Pierce to Troy Dyer in Reality Bites (1994)

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This is my favorite line in this movie. Stresses the value of being employed and working under a boss. It teaches people work ethics - being professional, being disciplined and being responsible not only for yourself but also for something bigger. 
Slacking and self-indulgence is so last decade.

The girls of Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder’s upcoming action movie.

Emily Browning transformed from cute to hot. I’m liking the pixie cut. Hopefully I don’t entertain thoughts of cutting my hair as well. :P

Ang Hindi Pumunta...

I will watch because:
1) John Ed De Vera made the poster and he’s my amazing officemate.
2) Ramon Bautista and (my newly traded friend courtesy of Ramon) RA Rivera will host it.
3) It’s an advertising gig and I love advertising and gigs.

I can make an infinite list of reasons why we all should go here. :-)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hang Over

I feel silly for reblogging and reblogging Joseph Gordon Levitt. I wish I can write something about INCEPTION but I’m too busy.:( But I’ll find time! Soon!

A Very Indulgent Deal

Too bad I Liked My Indulgence Page before pa.

And I’d love a reblog. ;-)

Like My Indulgence Page!

The Sexiest Man, well, for me.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the sexiest man in the world for me.
He looks smart and is smart.

Kahit kumakain lang siya ng banana, parang ang talino pa rin niya.

From Just Jarred

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with guitars

(via fuckyeahjgl, styrofoamplates)

Cj spotted this photo in Tumblr.

Cj: (Gasp) Oh, it's JGL... I love you.

George: Do you love him cause he's is JGL or because he's holding a guitar?

Cj: Of course cause he's JGL...

George: Why are you so defensive?

Cj: Cause you sound like I only like guys with guitars... (GUILTY?)



Because often than not we feel we have to elaborate and to embellish so we'd be meaningful. But I'd agree with Occam's Razor.

Now at Last by Feist

I’ve been playing this song for quite some time now. For some reason it touches me in a way that I cannot verbalize. When I listen to it, it leaves me peaceful, with a feeling that I am understood.

Inspiration for my disposition

I’ve been meaning to meet up with Nino and jam soon. Figure out how we’re supposed to sound and come up with actual group name.

Philippine Branded Inspiration

Photo by Foxy Yambing

Musamanila is my good friend, Knox Balbastro's blog. One thing that makes this woman very unique is her love for our country, the Philippines. Half of her childhood was spent living in Saudi, but when she came home eventually to study high school and college here, and eventually go to work. She's a great (not to mentioned award-winning) copy writer in the ad industry. But she left for a while to actually pursue her passion for Philippine Tourism. And she came back into writing again for ads! Hahaha.

It's her birthday soon and along with it, she celebrates her new blog - a new portal to everything Filipino, everything fashionable and everything Knox.

If my Tumblr page was a band, it would play this.

Stumbled upon this. Awesome!


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Darling, I’m good at this.
If you ask me what's the sexiest thing someone could do, it is to think and imagine. 

Another Reason to Really Save up for Spain

Isn't he just so beautiful? He's got the face of a boy and the strength of a man. Whether he's playing football or simply smiling, he's amazing.

I really got to save up for that Barcelona and Euro Trip.

Rock Band 3

Finally, a more accurate way to play Rock Band. I suck at guitar hero and rock band cause the guitars are more like a piano. Now I can play it better. :)

The Perfect Guy

Cj, Geric and Mike in Mike's car, going home.

Cj: Mike, makikilala mo na ang perfect na guy. I met someone na perfect, as in.

Geric (extending his hand to Mike): Hi, pare, I'm Geric.


Latest tracks by cjdesilva

São João

No dia 19 de junho, foi um momento muito caipira, realizamos a nossa tradicional Festa de São João, onde contamos com diversas atrações, como: casamento caipira, apresentação da quadrilha, danças típicas, cadeia dance, entre outros.
Foi uma tarde muito especial, contamos com a presença de muitos professores, funcionários, pais, alunos e convidados.
Tinha muitas barraquinhas com comidas e bebidas.
Confiram as fotos destes momentos...



Recebemos em nossa Escola uma visita internacional, a jovem Fabienne Juliette Zühlke, da Alemanha, que veio a Panambi a fim de realizar um intercâmbio, Fabienne apresentou através de fotos, pontos turísticos, curiosidades, costumes e também esclareceu dúvidas em relação ao seu país de origem.
Veja as fotos da palestra e o material utilizado por ela.

Visita Escritora Soni de Mello Santos

Dia 25 de junho tivemos a visita da escritora Soni de Mello Santos, patronesse da Feira do Livro deste ano.
Todos os alunos tiveram a oportunidade de conhecer e prestigiar o seu trabalho.