Sin of Omission

"We will rise up above this national tragedy. While it was tragic and a lot of things have to be learned and internalized, let’s also realize that every country screws up big time at one time or another. China had melamin deaths, Tienanmen, etc.. The US has had its massacres too that police could not prevent. So have Israel, France, Mexico—everyone. We are not an exception.
Let’s not beat ourselves up so much that we do lose hope. The thing to do is to make sure it does not happen again. We have too many things going for us as a people. We will learn and we will move on to do better things that will give us a collective sense of pride." - Jim Paredes

Exactly what I was stressing out this morning. What happened last night in Quirino Grand Stand was tragic - it crushed my heart and shook me to the core. But what hurts me the most is how many of us Filipinos feel ashamed of our country and our countrymen (the hostage taker, the policemen, the SWAT team, the media). Yes, they could’ve been smarter and diplomatic. There are so many things they could have done to have prevented this from happening. But let’s try looking at the big picture - we blame the system and we keep pointing out what’s wrong with it. But have we taken a look at ourselves, as citizens, as Filipinos - what have we done for our country? We blame the system as if we’re not part of it.

More than anything, I am ashamed of my fellow Filipinos who talk about this tragedy as if they weren’t part of it, that as if they’re better than the policemen, the media men, the politicians. Doing nothing is just as evil.

I personally think, as a Filipino, I would try to learn something from this. Rather than criticizing my country and my countrymen, I will try to find a way how I can uplift my country. I will try to show the world that the Philippines is more than what the recent tragedy says about it.

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Suckers fror Design

Suckers for Design: An Edible Installation
We're just really proud of this work. ;-)


Manila Design Week 2010
Director: Lyle Sacris
Co-directors: Joy Aquino, JA Tadena, Quark Henares, Jason Tan, Dan Matutina, Joel Fabonan, Chris Costello.


You're Invited!

Poster by Nolan Fabular

You guys are all invited here. :-)

Cris Ramos of Revolver Productions, JP Balboa, my beloved “manager” and some musician friends helped me set up this gig to celebrate my birthday. I don’t usually celebrate big but I just thought spending a night of great music and booze would be a great treat. :-)

I can’t get you guys in for free but drinks are on me. :-) Free beer and JD shots. 

Special thanks to:
Nolan Fabular for the amazing gig poster
Cris Ramos and JP Balboa for arranging this
Direk Quark Henares and the rest of US-2 EVIL-0
JP Cuison of Gorgoro
Sarah Gaugler and Paolo Peralta of Turbo Goth
Dondi Virrey and his bands: Techy Romantics and Championship Vinyl
Paolo Angeles and the rest of The Bernadettes
Ian Sarabia and Cheska Monroy and Stella Mariz
Pogz Paz and Sir Rtwo
John Ed De Vera for being a pushy and encouraging friend
Chris Costello for being such a great big brother
George Angsanto for thinking of the event name and writing it
Nino Gupana (for being such a great duo-mate)
Paul Ignacio and Ali Silao (for being game to be in the fun-fun-lang band)

And to all my friends! I love love love you all. Please go please please please please?

Please reblog. :-)