Jacaré é encontrado morto na br que liga jardim de piranhas a Brejo do Cruz pb.

Na manhã de sábado dia 28 de 01 de 2012, foi encontrado morto vítima de atropelamento na BR que liga Jardim de Piranhas a Brejo do Cruz, um jacaré medindo aproximadamente dois metros e meio. depois de atropelado e morto, o rabo do animal foi retirado por algum cidadão que sentiu o desejo de saborear carne de jacaré, ou quem sabe apenas para provar o ocorrido.

Comenta-se pela cidae, que vários animais desta espécie ja foram vistos em barragens e açudes do município de Jardim de Piranhas e de alguns açudes da paraiba como também nas margens do rio piranhas.
É muito importante, tomar cuidado antes de adentrar em açudes, baragens ou algumas partes do rio piranhas que não é de nosso conhecimento.
Talvez, se algém contasse esta história antes desta notícia, pouca gente acreditassem na veracidade deste fato. mas é bom lembrar que jacarés existem bem próximo e que é preciso tomar muito cuidado. eles não são tão ferozes, mas também não são tão inofensivos, quando se sentem ameaçados. 

Fotos: Marcinho
Fonte: Diassis Silva

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It's good to be back!

Mary Oliver (1935 - )

Excerpts from Six Recognitions of the Lord:

Lord God, mercy is in your hands, pour
me a little.  And tenderness too.  My
need is great.  Beauty walks so freely
and with such gentleness.  Impatiences puts
a halter on my face and I run away over
the green fields wanting your voice, your
tenderness, but having to do with only
the sweet grasses of the fields against
my body.  When I first found you I was
filled with light, now the darkness grows
and it is filled with crooked things, bitter
and weak, each one bearing my name.

Of course I have always known you
are present in the clouds, and the
black oak I especially adore, and the
wings of the birds. But you are present
too in the body, listening to the body,
teaching it to live, instead of all
that touching, with disembodied joy.
We do not do this easily.  We have
lived so long in the heaven of touch
and we maintain our mutability, our
physicality, even as we begin to
apprehend the other world. Slowly we
make our appreciative response.
Slowly appreciation swells to
astonishment.  And we enter the dialogue
of our lives that is beyond all under-
standing or conclusion.  It is mystery.
It is love of God.  It is obedience.

****         ****        ****

I could not find the complete poem posted online, but I highly recommend to you the entire book of poems by Mary Oliver:

The Reading Pile

It took me months to read this book, mainly because I knew that Dietrich Bonhoeffer dies at the end.  It  has been years since a book has caused me to cry as hard as this book did.  What a gentleman Bonhoeffer was.  What a brilliant, astute, kind and intellectually honest man he was.  He was true to the end.

From the morning of Bonhoeffer's death:

(from the prison camp doctor) 
"'Through the half-open door in one room of the huts I saw Pastor Bonhoeffer, before taking off his prison garb, kneeling on the floor praying fervently to his God.  I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer.  At the place of execution, he again said a short prayer and then climbed the steps to the gallows, brave and composed.  His death ensued after a few seconds.  In the almost fifty years that I have worked as a doctor, I have hardly ever seen a man die so entirely submissive to the will of God.'

Bonhoeffer thought it the plain duty of the Christian - and the privilege and honor - to suffer with those who suffered.  He knew that it was a privilege to be allowed by God to partake of the sufferings of the Jews who had died in this place before him."


"Life is difficult."

This is a re-read, but it may take me months to get past the first sentence.  It is packed with wisdom that I have lost and am ready to find again.


I love Nouwen.  I love that he was moved to deeper spiritual growth by viewing a painting.  I love his hunger for righteousness that is exhibited in honesty and a desire to love more truly.

"I am the prodigal son every time I search for unconditional love where it cannot be found.  Why do I keep ignoring the place of true love and persist in looking for it elsewhere?  Why do I keep leaving home where I am called a child of God, the Beloved of my Father?  I am constantly surprised at how I keep taking the gifts god has given me - my health, my intellectual and emotional gifts - and keep using them to impress people, receive affirmation and praise, and compete for rewards, instead of developing them for the glory of God."

There is always a mystery story in my pile.  And P.D. James is the best.

For Sale: Freedom's Pride

Freedom's Pride Dressage

NAME: Freedom's Pride
SEX: Mare
HEIGHT: 16.3hh
SIRE: Freedom Z
BREED: Hanoverian / Irish cross
BREEDER: Acorn Hill Farm, VA
OWNER: Biz Carey

'Libby' is a super classy mare who oozes talent and ability. She is bred to perfection with a blend of Hanoverian, Irish sport horse and Thoroughbred.

She has beautiful correct movement for the dressage, and a super scopey, bold, careful jump. This is a horse with a great future.
Please call Boyd for more info 610-806-2381

Turbo implantation - check

So, I finally had surgery on tuesday, 24th Jan and I've been recovering at home. How did it start?

When I was a child I had a tough asthma. Then it disappeared in my teen years, during my 4 years of competitive swimming, training 3h a day.

Then, 2 years ago, it started to worsen, refractile to medication. My performances were better and worse as the state of my lungs on the race day (worse in Arronches WRE with audible breathing during the footage in the post before).

Then, my immunoalergologist suggested that it was worth to check my nostrils, once it can be a cause of asthma exacerbation and... I don't breathe from my nose. Why? Because I have huge turbinates that are hypertrophied by the chronic rhinitis (pic below, huge "balls" occupying my WHOLE nose) plus a deviated septum. Why didn't I notice it? Because I got used to it along time.
Last tuesday, I entered the surgery room of otorhinolaryngology to make a turbinectomy+septoplasty. Until Saturday, it was painful (I won't go further on this). Now it's getting better, day by day. My first inhalation was heaven and I wasn't allowed to make full inspirations for a few days to prevent syncopes by overstimulation of the vagus nerve (stimulating nostrils areas that weren't used before). I still look like Shrek but I'm recovering well.
2 Weeks of training were lost in an important part of the season but I face it as an investment for the future. Will it give me a better life quality and better results? Life quality, for sure. About results, I would only knew if I tried. We'll see...

(by the way, I had Hb 16.5 and Htcrt 48.1 - considering my forced "altitude training" and lack of high training loads so far.)

Osprey Talon 44 Review (2011 version)

The Talon series of multi-use packs from Osprey vary in size from a 4 litre waist pack to the 44 litre rucksack being reviewed. They are lightweight in design but with quite a range of features. Osprey produce the Talon 44 in two sizes, a small/medium which weighs 0.99kg and a medium/large coming in at 1.11kg. The pack under review is the medium/large. 


First Impressions

The first thing to notice about the pack is that considering the set of features it has it feels very light. When I put the pack on for the first time prior to purchase the fit felt good. I had a friend with me at the time who checked the straps for fit and all seemed good. Rucksacks are like shoes, some will fit well, some wont. If a pack is to be carried for some time with a reasonable weight then checking the fit before purchase becomes more of a priority. A poor fitting rucksack will very quickly spoil your walk and potentially lead to longer lasting problems.


The material the majority of the pack is constructed from, 70D x 100D Nylon Shadow Check, seems fairly strong, but possibly not as abrasion resistant as heavier gauge nylon. Only time will tell. All the straps on the pack are narrower than most with small quick release buckles.


 70D x 100D Nylon

The buckles have had some weight reduction applied to them. They fasten and release quite positively and appear to be strong enough for the job. I've seen an online customer review mention one of the buckles breaking on their pack, but this could be a one off and the circumstances under which their buckle broke are not clear.

160D X 330D Nylon

Where the chances of abrasion are higher, such as the bottom of the pack, or where more strength is needed, Osprey have opted for 160D X 330D Nylon Shadow Box material. This nylon feels a lot stronger and possibly more able to resist abrasion.


The pack is quite slim so could possibly make a good pack for climbers, although the fairly wide waist belt would have to be considered as it may interfere with a climbing harness. The removable top cover has an external pocket which is of a reasonable internal volume but with quite a small zippered access. In the pocket there is a small Velcro sealed nylon bag useful for a phone, wallet etc, plus a key clip. On the underside of the top cover is a small mesh pocket

Small mesh pocket under top cover.

The Shoulder straps on the Talon have vents cut into them which help to reduce weight and allow some airflow underneath aiding in the reduction of perspiration. In practise they work very well. Even though a little on the thin side, reasonable sized loads for a long days walking don't cause any problems with the shoulders.

Vented Shoulder strap.

Infact I found that I forgot I had the pack on a lot of the time. A lot of reviews mention the pockets on the shoulder straps, which they suggest are for satnavs etc. I'm not so sure, they seem a bit tight for something like that to fit into with no closure to secure the contents. The manual suggests using them for energy gels which seems reasonable. Personally, I use one to keep the bite valve of my hydration pack clean.

Back system.

The back system on the Talon 44 is Osprey's Airscape system. It's design is quite different from their Aether range as the Talo 44 seems to offer a better airflow. It has a chimney up through the centre of the ribs and I find my back to be less sweaty than when using the Aether. I do suffer quite badly with a wet back when walking and this is a vast improvement over previous packs I've owned.

Airscape back system.

The waist belt on the Talon 44, like the shoulder straps, is of the cut out Biostretch variety. This makes the waist belt a little flimsey, but weight saving is the name of the game. With normal loads, 5-10kilos, there are no issues with the waist belt. It works perfectly fine. Anything above that I'm not too sure about.

Waist Belt Venting.

The waist belt also has two very useful pockets for stowing small items such as snacks, lip balm etc. The toggles are the usual glove friendly Osprey loop type making them quite easy to access.

Waist belt pockets close-up.

The buckle system on the Talon is very wasy to use. It's Osprey's own Ergopull system which means that the straps are pulled forward to take up the slack, for me a more natural operation.

Waist belt pockets.

Having used the pack quite few times it has plenty of room for winter walks, maybe a little too much for summer. I have had no issues with fit and find I generally forget that I have it on. Highly recommended!

Silva's Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge Report

Photo of Silva and Duvent courtesy Cindy Lawler

We had a good weekend in at the WCSC. It was very hot and humid, but I guess we should not complain since it's better than the cold and the snow!Rosa Cha won both her third level classes with over 70%. She loves to show off and turns it up every time we go to a show. She loves to be braided and groomed and I swear she winks at the spectators and judges as she goes around the ring!
The girls and I decided that if Rosa was a person she would be doing beauty pageants for sure.

Hidden Promise was great again this weekend. He is such a great horse to have at the shows: low maintenance in every way! Promise showed third level for his second time this weekend; yesterday he placed second in a huge class with 67%.

Jeff did great in the Prix St George. He is such an impressive, powerful horse and the judges love him. We finished third in a big, competitive field with 69%.

Duvent performed a very nice test on Friday in the Prix St George. This show is very electric and there is a lot going on. Duvent needs more time and needs to see more places like this; he is going to be great once he gets more confident. We scored 65% and finished seventh.

Party Boy was very excited about the surroundings at this amazing place. I am sure he has never seen anything like it before. He was nervous but handled himself pretty well in the training level tests; we finished second on Friday with a 66% and fourth on Sunday.
Poor Markie came down with cellulitis on Thursday. His leg is huge and very painful. He is doing much better already but Kymmy and Markie unfortunately did not get to show. (Check out the photo of Kymmy and Markie at Gas station - Kymmy had to get him of the trailer a few times to let him walk around a little for his big leg.)

I would like to thank my girls for doing such a great job this weekend! We also had Kymmy's parents, CarolAnn and Scott, helping out a lot. Thank you for a fun weekend!


Friday Evening Party and Saturday Schedule

Two days in to the Bettina Hoy clinic we all had a great time at the reception held this evening at held at the home of Neville Bardos syndicate members George and Gretchen Wintersteen. A good time was had by all of the riders, grooms, owners and clinic supporters. We're all looking forward to our lessons tomorrow.


Here's the schedule:

Jan Byyny 8:00
Jan Byyny 8:45
Allison Springer 9:15
Kevin Keane 10:00
Erin Sylvester 10:45
Sara Gumbiner 11:30
Boyd Martin 1:00 (Nev)
Boyd Martin 1:45 (Otis)
Boyd Martin 2:30 (Thomas)
Jessica Hampf 3:15



Bettina Hoy Clinic Friday Schedule

Allison Springer on Arthur Taking Instruction from Bettina Hoy

Schedule for Friday, January 27

8:00 Emily Van Gemeren & Berkeley
8:45 Will Coleman & Twizzel
9:30 Kevin Keane & Fernhill Flutter
10:15 Jan Byyny & Why Not
11:00 Jan Byyny & Syd Kent
11:45 Jessica Hampf & High Society
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Allison Springer & Arthur
2:00 Boyd & Remi
2:45 Boyd & Neville
3:15 Boyd & Otis

Silva, Crew and Horses Arrive in Wellington, FL

Kymmy, Devon, Scout, (our new working student) , seven horses and I have arrived in Wellington, Florida to compete this weekend. Kymmy and I trained with Michael Barisone this morning and the horses were great. Michael is a huge help; I got a lot out of the lessons and the horses did great.

We have: Stately, Duvent, Jeff, Rosa, Promise, Curtis and Markie here.

We start showing tomorrow at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. There is a lot going on at that place this weekend; our show, the Wellington Classic Dressage, is combined with the World Dressage Masters and the grounds are packed!

Wish us luck!

Saturday's long sessions

This is why I love this far away western bankrupt country. Just 10min away from Lisbon is our usual Saturday 20k interval playground (last weekend we made this short movie). Furthermore, in the end of January, it's still possible to go for a bath in the end: perfect! - Even better with the lunch by the river celebrating Paulo Franco's birthday with a fresh beer.

(my small pc doesn't allow a bigger resolution at sony vegas)

Bettina Hoy Clinic January 26-28, 2011 at Bridle Creek Farm in Aiken

Image of Bettina Hoy from www.HoyTeam.com

We are inviting some of the best horses and riders in Aiken, including potential Olympic horses that’ll be heading to Kentucky later this spring, to a three-day clinic with German rider Bettina Hoy. Everyone is welcome: owners and grooms are free and there is a $20 auditing fee for others.

Bettina is one of the best riders and trainers of all time; she and her husband Andrew, who rides for Australia, have both ridden at the Olympics and World Championships and have numerous wins around the world. She has flown over from Germany especially to come to Bridle Creek Farm for the clinic, tomorrow through Saturday.

Friday afternoon is a beer, wine and cheese "Meet Bettina" party – anyone and everyone is welcome from 1-3pm to enjoy this occasion with us.

For GPS Navigation please use this address:
Colbert Bridge Road
1139 Colbert Bridge Road
Aiken, SC 29803

Check out the schedule below for Thursday's rides so that you can come see your favorite horses and riders in action. The schedule for each day will be posted on our blog the night before. Stay tuned for more information.


8:00 Jan Byyny (Syd Kent)

8:45 Boyd Martin (Ying Yang Yo)

9:30 Jan Byyny (Why Not)

10:15 Boyd Martin (Neville Bardos)

11:00 Boyd Martin (Otis Barbotiere)

11:45 Kevin Keane (Fernhill Flutter)

LUNCH (Drag Ring)

12:45 Will Coleman (Twizzel)

1:30 Will Coleman (Nevada Bay)

2:15 Allison Springer (Arthur)

3:00 Erin Sylvester (No Boundaries)

Arronches WRE

My asthma didn't allow me a good performance 2 weeks ago. Always the same: my nose blocks, my throat aches and my lungs don't like it. Here I post the video of saturday's middle distance (wasn't able to use rgmapvideo on this one).

More news to come, maybe today, once I have a lot of free time in the next week.

Khaldoon: Stop congratulating one another and meet our terms

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Khaldoon Al Mubarak oozes class and authority. He doesn't often speak to the press about anything, and the last time he spoke publicly was exclusively for mcfc.co.uk at the end of last season.

But now, with under a week to go in the January transfer window, Khaldoon has broke his silence and spoke in no uncertain terms about Carlos Tevez's dream move to AC Milan. But before I go into that, let's just quickly recap the transfer saga over the last couple of months.

Milan made their approaches quite public saying that they had spoken to the player and his advisers in December and that he was going to Italy on loan. Milan's vice-president Adriano Galliani spoke on Italian TV saying;

"We have an agreement with Tevez and we have recently sent an email to City with our offer (loan with option to buy for £19m at the end of the season).

"We hope City says yes, there were other European clubs interested, but we are in pole position.

"Tevez wants to come to us. Half of the agreement has been reached. Now we await City's response."

In addition to this, Tevez was quoted in Argentina as saying, "I see myself only in the red and black shirt, I am hoping for Milan." And his greasy adviser Kia Joorabchian was quoted as saying, "We are only in talks with Milan."

This has gone on for several weeks now with Milan saying he's going there and City saying he isn't unless they buy him. And now, sorry to burst your little bubble, Carlos, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening despite your handler's best efforts and having already agreed personal terms with the Club before they ever approached City with an offer.

Khaldoon Al Mubarak told The National;

"As things stand AC Milan isn't an option for Carlos Tevez,

"Mr Galliani and his advisers have developed a misplaced sense of confidence from their premature discussions with Carlos and his advisers. If they want to be a consideration in this transfer window they would do better to stop congratulating one another and begin to look at how they would meet our terms."

City made there position perfectly clear from the beginning of the transfer window that they were not willing to loan Tevez out, and that only a transfer offer that met their valuation (reportedly £25m) would even be considered. However AC Milan have only put forward loan offers with the option to buy at the end of the season.

I don't believe AC Milan have/had any intention of buying Tevez even if City had agreed to the loan deal. I fully believe they would have sent him back at the end of the season when they had Cassano fit again after his minor heart surgery in November.

Khaldoon also made a point of praising the other 2 clubs that have been in the running to sign Tevez. PSG were reported to have agreed a fee with City but were unable to reach an agreement on personal terms with the striker. No doubt this is because Tevez doesn't want to go anywhere else and Joorbachian believes the rubbish Gilliani has been spouting about buying him at the end of the season.

"Paris St German and Inter Milan approached discussions with us in good faith and it is always a positive experience to deal with people with such a professional approach,"

Tevez and Joorabchian seem to be doing their utmost to get away. Refusing to play/get off the bench.warm up, buggering off to Argentina without permission, and the public statements that he wants to go to Milan are all tactics to try and force City's hand into selling him on the cheap.

Did they really think this would work? They have misread and underestimated the resolve of Al Mubarak and Mansour.

"Carlos remains a player with contractual obligations to Manchester City for the next two and a half seasons. Unless we receive an offer that we deem appropriate, the terms of his contract will be enforced."

With Tevez clearly not wanting to play for City again and Mancini unwilling to let him play, City are quite willing for Tevez to miss out on what should be the best years of his career should AC not meet their valuation or if Tevez rejects negotiations with other clubs like he has done.

There were fears that Tevez was getting away with his ridiculous and childish behaviour, but we have recently found out that is not the case. Tevez has lost out on a total of £9.3m worth of earnings through loss of a loyalty bonus, club fines, and not being paid since his November walk-out. This is likely to continue as long as Tevez stays away.

As tired as I am with it, I'm actually slightly looking forward to seeing how this pans out now we know Khaldoon's stance on the matter. As I said after the Munich debacle, this is going to cost Tevez and his career. The question is, how much?

3 months without football, 3 months without being paid, loss of reputation, £9.3m and counting.

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I'll be back soon

Thanks for all your kind comments, emails, phone calls and letters. I'll be back to A Circle of Quiet on January 30th. We're moving through that last week of "firsts" since my Mom's death last January 29th. A year ago this afternoon, she looked at me from her hospital bed and declared, "Jesus is Lord" right before she went in for surgery. Boy are those words that I have needed to hear all doggone year, and especially this week as I miss Mom so much.

But I have declared January 30th as my New Year's Day and I will be back here to keep tabs on my life. I am looking forward to it.

I did start a photo blog at the beginning of the year, and you can see that here: A Circle of Quiet: 366 Project

Operação do IBAMA em Major Sales apreende aves e animais silvestres criados em cativeiros clandestinos

Major Sales (RN) - O IBAMA (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis), realizou na cidade de Major Sales uma grande operação na tarde desta segunda-feira, 23 de Janeiro de 2012, que resultou em uma grande apreensão de aves e animais silvestres que estavam presos em cativeiros existentes em residências de criadores clandestinos residentes em Major Sales/RN. 

Os fiscais do IBAMA, sob o comando do Analista Ambiental Carlos Fernandes apreenderam vários animais em algumas residências e ainda aplicaram multas no valor de R$ 2.500,00 e 5.000.00 respectivamente, tendo em vista os criadores ter em cativeiro animais silvestres sem a devida autorização do órgão ambiental competente. 

As pessoas multadas terão de comparecer ao órgão ambiental para justificar e recorrer da multa, com o prazo até o dia 12 de Fevereiro de 2012.  
O trabalho faz parte da operação “Arpia” que foi deflagrada pelo IBAMA em todo território nacional.

Para quem não conhece veja alguns dos animais apreendidos:

Aves e gaiolas apreendidos pelo IBAMA em Major Sales
Galo de Campina






Morreu na madrugada desta terça feira na capital do estado, o ex-prefeiro José Henrique de Araújo.
Antes de ingressar na carreira política, este grande homem teve fundamental importância na vida de centenas de jardinenses, que tiveram o privilégio de ser educado por este homem simples, honesto e humilde, que sempre lecionou com amor, preparando seus alunos para a vida.
José Henrique de Araújo, sua missão aqui na terra ja foi cumprida, resta agora aqueles que seguem seus exemplos, fazer um pouco daquilo você os ensinou.  descanse em paz professor.


One for the future: Interview with Alex Henshall

Last week one of City's brightest young talents received the news that he was on the shortlist for Great Britain's Olympic football team at the 2012 Olympic Games having played a number of games for England's U17s.

Since arriving from Swindon in June 2010 at 16 years old, Alex Henshall has impressed City's coaching staff and has been a regular feature for the U18s and also featured for the EDS in the NextGen series this season. Alex is one of a number of promising attacking players coming through City's ranks at the moment with Albert Rusnak, Devante Cole and Jordi Hiwula just 3 other names to choose from in the academy squad.

After the news that ex-City manager Stuart Pearce had shortlisted the 17 year-old winger, I decided to try and pin the pacey wide boy down to a few questions.

MW: Thanks for taking the time out for this, Alex. We'll jump straight into it. How do you feel about being shortlisted for the Team GB Olympic team? And is there any particular player you would like to play alongside should you make the final cut?

AH: Very happy and delighted with the news. At first I didn't think it was real and couldn't get my head round it, but yeah very happy! And definitely David Beckham. Always idolised him and would be a life time experience!

MW: You were nominated for City's goal of the season for your volley against Liverpool last season, is that the best goal you've scored so far?

AH: hahaha I took the goal well but yeah I would say it's defiantly up there without a doubt.

MW: Is there anyone in City's 1st team that you look up to or has influenced you since joining City, and why?

AH: Yeah, always been Adam Johnson. People always say we're alike but obviously he's better and experienced. I learn a lot off him just by watching him especially on and off the field!

MW: Are there any players in the U18s that you particularly enjoy playing alongside?

AH: I love playing with all of them, I'm not going to single anyone out. I think they have made me a better player playing with them I'm certain with that, and I think we have all got a good chemistry now :)

MW: Who is your favourite player in general?

AH: My favourite player at the moment is Gareth Bale. He's class at the moment and he plays like I want to play.

MW: How was it playing against your old side in the FA Youth Cup, and how do you feel about your opponents, Fulham, in the next round?

AH: Yeah like I always said I love my home town, I would never forget it! Was great going back and playing against them and also seeing friends and family all again. Also especially to show how much I progressed. Yeah Fulham, another good side. Think we're all looking forward to it. Another test for us and hopefully we'll come out with another victory.

MW: You've only been with City about 18 months or so, are you aware of the transfer connection City has with Swindon in the past?

AH: Umm yeah a few said to me when I signed that players like Mike Summerbee were there, if thats correct! But at the time I wasnt aware of it haha.

MW: Spot on. Which team do you support? Swindon, City, or another?

AH: Funny enough I actually support Liverpool! It's just a family thing, we all support them, but I must say I do support City a little bit now, because you know playing for them too and I like watching them :)

MW: What would you like to acheive in the next 12 months, and where would you like to be in the next 5 years?

AH: Well I'v always dreamt about being a Premiership player, So I hope I make it to the top level where ever I go and have a good career in the game. The next 5 years, umm, well hopefully I'll still be good then, haha! But nah, I still hope I'll be playing Premiership level and still progressing because I love doing what I do and I'll do anything to play.

Thanks again for taking the time out Alex, and hopefully that Premiership future will be with City in not too many years to come.

You can follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHenshall11. And myself @MikeWalshmcfc or the official David Silva's Left Foot profile @mcfcDSLeftFoot.

Alternatively you can like the official Facebook page David Silva's Left Foot for regular updates from this blog.