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Boyd's Final Word on Rolex Kentucky 2012

Remington XXV
 While driving home from Lexington, it is a fantastic feeling knowing that all the hard work and preparation paid off for this year's Rolex Kentucky three-day event. 

Otis stepped up this weekend and confirmed my belief in him being one of the best horses in the world. He showed resilience, speed and heart on the cross-country to prove to me that he can jump any cross-country course put in front of him, anywhere in the world. Eighteen months ago when I first saw this horse in France, I had an inkling that this was an awesome horse. I'm truly blessed that ten people put their money up, believing in my evaluation of his potential. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the shareholders for standing behind me and supporting me and this horse, and I can't tell you how excited I am knowing that his illustrious career is just beginning.
Syndicate members, from left: Boyd, Fernanda Kellog,Gloria Callen, Silva Martin, Lindsey Taylor,  Kirk Henckels, Craig Callen.

Remington once again showed how important it is to have a horse at this level that won't give up and keeps trying and trying and trying. Over the years, certain experts had questions marks on him, but you have to admire a horse that keeps dancing around four-star after four-star. I believe that I had the little guy fitter than ever this year, which contributed to his eighth-place finish. Ron and Densey Juvonen have been exceptional owners and supporters of mine since I stepped foot in America. They are unbelievable owners that show their support and understanding not only when things are going right, but also when you are overcoming hurdles and setbacks.

Press Conference (Boyd, left, and winner William Fox-Pitt, right)
There is a massive team around these horses that contributed to this great result. First and foremost, I'd like to thank my wife, Silva, who not only trained me and the horses in the dressage phase, but also prepared very healthy meals for the last two months, making sure the boys weren't luggng around too much weight on Saturday. 

Also, my head groom/manager/organizer, Lindsey Taylor, who spends hours and hours ensuring that these horses are in peak condition. My staff at the farm: Caitlin, Sara, Emily and Beau, have helped in the fitness work and the care of these athletes. The veterinarians Dr. Kevin Keane and Dr. Mary Griffin and the horseshoer Doug Neilson have also contributed to the amazing condition that we saw these horses in on Sunday morning. 

Over the winter I had instruction from Bettina Hoy, Captain Mark Phillips and Lauren Hough who have all been instrumental in fine-tuning these horses' performances. Lastly I'd like to make big cheers to one of the greatest influences of my life, Phillip Dutton. This man keeps contributing to my understanding of conditioning, training and strategy for events at this level. He is a true example of a completely unselfish person, always willing to help his students and fellow competitors at these massive events when he is trying to concentrate on his own horses. Phillip, you're a legend. 


Book review: George Saunders - Pastoralia

I discovered Saunders when I decided I wanted to read all books of the list of 101 Books Tech Alumns Should Read. Saunders was the very first on the list (along with Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow), and that's right where I started reading. From there, I split away from the list. I ended up buying all Saunders' books after reading CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, In Persuasion Nation and the Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil (which were all recommended by Paul Verhaeghen in the list).

I recently read "Pastoralia" and I would recommend it to everyone. By tweaking our reality just a little bit, and showing a demented post-capitalist dystopia that looks just a little bit too familiar, his stories challenge our views on society, and laugh at how we can get enslaved in mediocrity.
But contrarily to what you might expect, his stories do not radiate with depression. They are, in fact, of the funniest satire I ever read - which makes it at the same time sting even more, because of the similarities with our daily lives.

Just give it a shot, you might love it as much as I do.

You can read some of his writing here.

Review: Energy Bars

Although some, but not all energy bars are aimed at runners and cyclists, they can be a convenient quick snack on the move or for a speedy stop when hiking. I know there are many snack options when on the trail, but I tend to find I lose my appetite when walking a long distance. I do sometimes take bananas, nuts, sandwiches, Peperami etc. But a nice tasting, energy full bar, can easily fill the bill.

So in this review I will be looking at four fairly easily available energy bars. I will consider three aspects; ease of access, taste and nutrition.

Clif Bar - Peanut Butter Crunch

Access into the packaging isn't going to win any medals for form, but you can get in their fairly easily. The bar doesn't stick to the packaging though, so no problems eating.

A definite peanut taste, in fact almost as strong as peanut butter......nice. The bar is very slightly tacky and holds together well with a nice peanut crunch. There's not much in the way of sweetness with this flavour of Clif Bar. Not a bad thing as the peanut taste is nice as is for me. I didn't find myself really needing a drink afterwards.

PowerBar Energize - Cookies and Cream

There is a slight tackiness to the bar so the packaging tends to stick to the bar requiring a constant peeling of the wrapper. It's not too much of an issue as the bar bends easily, so a reduced chance of it breaking and losing some of your snack.

The texture, when eating the PowerBar Energize is of chewy cookie dough. Cookie dough also continues in the taste, along with chocolate and quite a bit of sweetness. Once I'd eaten the bar I did find that it made me quite thirsty. I really like it out on a walk as the strong flavour helps with the lack of appetite I get when walking. There is a slight after taste but nothing too bad. Might be a little love it or hate it.

Trek Bar - Cocoa Brownie

The packet access isn't too difficult and the bar slides out of the packaging easily as it is not tacky. So eating on the go is very possible.

When chewing there is a slightly moist texture with a definite trace of the dates the bar is based on. It has a solid consistency that keeps it's structure as eating, but has a nice chew to it, with a slight crunch. The Cocoa taste clearly comes through mixed with the date taste, complementing each other nicely. But the date taste is dominant, as it is with the other flavours of Trek Bar I have had. Unlike plain dates the flavour isn't too overpowering and not overly sweet. There's no particular feeling of thirst after eating the Trek Bar.

High5 Energy Bar - Banana

I do find the packaging for the High5 a little difficult to get into. And once opened the bar can take some coaxing out, even though there is no tackiness to it.

The texture of the High5 is quite firm and a little rubbery. So it feels chewy, a bit strangely so, as though there has been a lot of setting agent used. The Banana taste is so sweet it tastes more like apple sauce. So more like an overly ripe Banana.

Nutritional Information

The following table shows a comparison for the various bars reviewed with a snickers bar for comparison.

Info sources

Snickers: The packaging.

Now It's Time to Celebrate!

Just a short post to congratulate Boyd on his stellar performances with both horses this weekend at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Remi showed his usual reliability and wonderful effort with only 1 rail to finish an impressive 8th overall.  The Flying Frenchman rose to the occasion & delivered a world class performance, jumping 1 of only 5 double clear rounds in stadium, cinching the 3rd place spot!!

En route back to Pa, so the photos & statement from Boyd will be posted by tomorrow.

What a weekend.  Signing off from Rolex!!!
Photo Credits Lisa Thomas

Photos From Yesterday

Thank you to Cynthia Lawler for the great close ups at the Head of the Lake!

View Slide Show of all the XC Photos

And Now A Word From Silva!

iPhone Frustration?  Try this Youtube Direct Link!

Remi & Otis Rocked XC!!!

Yet another day of fabulous performances from Remi and Otis.  If there was ever a doubt about the amazing depth of talent in Boyd's barn beyond Neville, today gave the selectors something to think about.  Remi came out on course & ran like the reliable pro that he is, ending his day in 8th place after a solid clear round with a few time penalties ending on a score of 52.9.  Otis really raised the bar by rocking around his first Rolex with a spectacular double clear performance and moving up into 4th place with a score of 51!!
I had a moment to catch up with Silva to get her feed back on the day, but I'm unfortunately waiting on terribly slow uploading from the hotel, so check back later tonight for that commentary.

Once again, the current Leaderboard can be viewed on the Rolex Ky website!

Two Clear Cross-country Rounds at Rolex


Cross-country day at Rolex Kentucky was full of surprises, with some of the best riders in the world seeing an early end to their Rolex weekend. Derek diGrazia designed a challenging course for this Olympic year that really sorted out the competition. Boyd and his two horses proved their mettle with two clear rounds, making one of the toughest cross-country courses in the world look like a ride in the park. Ron and Densey Juvonen's Remington XXV was a few seconds over the time and added 7.6 time faults to stand in 8th place going into show jumping while the Otis Barbotiere Syndicate's Otis Barbotiere went double clear to launch himself up from a tie for 16th into fourth place. The last ride of the day, the crowd had seen enough tough rides that their applause practically carried Boyd and Otis around.

To have two horses in the top ten after today is a feat in itself, and it's no doubt that groom Lindsey Taylor won't get a lot of sleep tonight, making sure the superstars are looking and feeling their best heading into the final veterinary inspection bright and early tomorrow morning. Show jumping starts at 12:30 and we will all be hoping for a good result. (See full schedule here). I for one have a good bottle of champagne chilling...

-Amber Heintzberger

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