Update from England

The mandatory outing at Barbury Castle is underway. For the leader board click here.

Well guys,

We had a good start to Barbury with Nev and Otis in the dressage today. Both horses have gotten better and better with every training session with my personal dressage coach Michael Barisone .  Big Mike has been great helping me work the horses this week, working on their softness and suppleness.

Nev was on first thing this morning and put in a great test that was similar to his test at Bromont.  He was precise, accurate and pretty fancy.  The best factor about the test was how calm and rideable he was. 

Otis is also getting better and better also with every outing.  He was better than Nev in the trot, but was a little greener in the canter, which cost a couple of points.  All in all, I am very happy with the Flying Frenchman today, as he was a little more settled than during his last test at Bromont.

Tomorrow Remi is on last thing in the afternoon.  The plan is to turn him loose and put in a dazzler....


Neville schooling dressage

Otis and Lindsey

Otis schooling dressage