Untimely End to Boyd and Otis' Olympic Experience

Unfortunately Otis had a swollen leg this morning and was very lame at the jog. He was sent to the hold box and Boyd withdrew him there .

At first we thought that he might have twisted his ankle on the steep hills yesterday, but Kevin Keane looked at him later today and it looks like he has some kind of infection in his leg.
That is pretty good news to us because it does not look like a serious injury and Otis will be okay after a rest.

As you can imagine, we are beyond disappointed that Otis and Boyd could not finish their first Olympics. Right now it feels very incomplete: after all the many years of working towards our ultimate goal, they did not finish. It's tough!!!! 
Boyd especially feels like he has let his team and all the great people that have supported us all along the way. I know that is not the case, because Boyd rode incredibly well in the dressage and the cross-country and Otis was better then we could have ever hoped for! He is a superstar to us and we owe him forever!
Now the most important thing is that we get Otis home safely so we can start with his recovery and his well-deserved rest in the field.

Even though it did not go the way we planed, we know tomorrow is another day. Boyd and I are flying home tomorrow and will get right back to training for Boyd's next and my first Olympics!!!

Like Ross Martin always said: " When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" We have to remember that!

Lindsey is flying home on Thursday and Otis leaves with the other horses on Thursday as well. Lindsey has gone above and beyond in looking after Otis, Nev and Remi over the last few weeks. She is amazing and Boyd could not do all he does without Lindsey doing such a great job behind the scenes.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people that support us so much and all the people that are cheering us on all the time.We appreciate every bit of it!!!