Dressage Sales Horses

We still have some lovely and talented dressage horses for sale: Follow the links for more  information as well as videos.

Elite Pharis

Elite Pharis is still available and is now showing successfully in third level. He is only 8 years old and has learned a great deal  in a short time. He has a flawless competition record with very high scores. Pharis a wonderful horse and could bring somebody up the levels with a lot of fun!

Vanderbilt is only 5 years old and is showing successfully in second level. He is a very elegant horse with a lot of potential! He is a great project for somebody that would like to go up the levels with a quality young horse!

Hayden is a 4-year-old going on 15! He is the most honest and easy young horse we have had in a long time. He is a true gentleman and would make a great partner for somebody that wants to go up the levels. He is showing successfully in training with high scores.