Caitlin Released from ICU

I’m very relieved to say that Caitlin was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Christiana Hospital to the general population  today. Obviously it was a very serious accident, incurring a fracture to her skull, but it looks at the moment like she doesn’t have any other physical damage. The doctors are opting not to operate, and all of Caitlin’s vital signs are good as gold.

It’s an interesting business that we’re in, training horses; Caitlin galloped around the 2* and 3* courses at Plantation Field on the weekend, jumping huge fences at high speeds and rode like a champion; on Tuesday she was doing rising trot in the dressage arena with a nice 4-year-old when the horse stumbled and Caitlin fell on her head.

As usual Caitlin was wearing her Charles Owen helmet, which very likely prevented more serious injuries.

It’s a huge blow to Caitlin professionally, with Catch a Star and Remi heading into Fair Hill like lightning, but fortunately both horses are qualified for Kentucky next year, which was the ultimate goal.

Australian sensation Dom Schramm has come on board trying to fulfill part of Caitlin’s role at Windurra USA. "The Thunder from Down Under" is a brilliant horseman and is helping us carry on in the absence of my superb assistant Caitlin while she’s out of action. We all miss Caitlin very much and wish her a speedy recovery.