Update on Caitlin

As many of you have probably heard by now, Caitlin had an accident yesterday when she fell from a young horse. She is in the hospital with a fractured skull but she is in stable condition and there is a positive outlook for her recovery. 

Poor Caitlin! I feel like every time she comes out on top, something happens. She was on the sidelines with Hoku this time last year, after the fire, and here she is again. We are devastated for her, but she is going to be fine. Obviously Boyd has lost his assistant trainer for a while too;  she is a big part of our business and we can’t wait for her to come back. In the meantime, while Caitlin recovers, Hoku can go into dressage boot camp with me, which will be really good for her, and Boyd is going to keep Remington going, so Caitlin's horses will be ready and waiting for her return!